Tax Audit Advice

 Imagine for a moment what is must be like to be an IRS auditor. Every day frightened taxpayers would come into your office with their shoeboxes full of receipts (or maybe no receipts at all) and sometimes bizarre stories. After a short while you would gain an almost intuitive sense of when you were hearing the truth and when you were being presented with something else. The whole process is improved when the taxpayer is organized and prepared.
When a taxpayer follows the tax law, operates a legitimate business with a profit motive and keeps proper records of his expenses any encounter with the IRS will be just business as usual.  MAKING TAX A GAMEdoes this by first explaining the IRS Audit Process, which begins with how the IRS determines which returns should be chosen and ends when there is a disagreement with the examiner and he gives the taxpayer his rights of appeal.
MAKING TAX A GAME” provides additional guidance on items such as:

  • An explanation of why it is in the best interest of the taxpayer to be represented by an unemotional professional who knows the law and is experienced in the the audit Process
  • Explains why the success of your audit will largely be a function of the quality and completeness of your documentation and tax return preparation in addition to the quality of your representation at the audit.
  • MAKING TAX A GAME also provides the guidance and the filing system that can make a difference in your “quality and completeness”.