Receipt Tamer

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This is the greatest little organizer for busy home business professionals.  In dozens of meeting around the country we kept hearing about how time consuming and difficult it is to keep up with all those pesky receipts.  You talked, and we listened.

Rhonda designed this book so it’s very easy to carry in your purse or car…you’ll want to keep it with you all the time.  Use it to accumulate all of your meal receipts, gas receipts, etc.  On one page is a “sticky” dot to attach the receipt so it doesn’t get lost.  Then on the facing page you can make notes about who, what, when, were and why you spent the money.  Not only is this great for documenting your activities in case of the dreaded audit, but it’s even better for making notes about your contacts, conversations, things to do and follow up on.  What’s even more clever is that half of the book is print one way and the other half is printed upside down so half of the receipts are on the top and the other half on the bottom to keep it balance…you get the idea!

  • You won’t want to be without this Receipt Tamer in 2013!!