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Ignite Your Finances Home Business Record Keeping System designed by direct sellers for direct sellers. You talked and we listened.  Rhonda designed all of our products to meet the needs of busy direct sellers intent on building their business, increase their income, and spend more time with their families.  After all, isn’t that why you got into the “business” in the first place.All of our products and designed to help you achieve your goals by minimizing the time you spend dealing with records…receipts, checkbooks, credit card statements. Maximize your time building the business. After all you didn’t start a business to be a bookkeeper…you have a product or service that you are passionate about.If you will spend a little time every month using the C.Y.A. (Cover Your Assets System…clever huh!) system, then by January of next year your reports summarizing your business for the year are ready to submit to your tax preparer. You will also have a month to month snapshot of just how profitable your business is as the year progresses. You need this information in order to make intelligent decisions about your business. Maybe you need to emphasize different products, switch product lines, get a different lead source or any number of other decisions that can be made much more intelligently if you have the facts on which to base your decisions.

More than 70% of Americans today are living paycheck to paycheck. “Track your spending” is the #1 recommendation made by financial experts as a first step to getting out of debt. The Expense Tracker™ is the leader in providing a real-time, simple voice automated way to budget and find every penny. Featured on ABC, Fox Business News, Good Morning America, ZDNet, and ESPN, The Expense Tracker is at the core of the Ignite Your Finances Kit. In addition to helping put your finances in order, this kit contains a suite of tools to help legitimize and grow your business, so that you can fully employ all of the business tax deductions and save even more starting from day one!

Kit Includes:

  • Tax File Folder System
  • Ignite Your Finances Planner (includes financial statements, business plans and more to legitimize and organize your business)
  • Copy of Our Best Selling Book:   Making Tax A Game…Let’s Play to Win!
  • 2 – Mileage Tracker log books (one for each vehicle)
  • Biz Tracker business card organizer
  • 6 – Trip Keeper envelopes to record business travel expenses
  • 1 – Tax Estimator Tear Pad
  • 25 – More Money Less Tax prospecting brochures

Other financial and tax systems online sell for well over $600 and they only give you part of what is offered here. With Ignite Your Finances Kit you not only get financial tracking to put your finances in order, but the tax information to help you business grow and even audit protection just in case. This is a must for anyone serious about growing their business.  Include The Expense Tracker for $140 annual or $19.95 per month.